This I Believe

Ruth - Austin, Texas
Entered on January 8, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: afterlife

I believe that spirits from the other world exist. I’m not saying that I believe in ghosts. Ghosts that haunt the living to torture them is a little far fetched but there are spirits of those lost out there that watch over you. I strongly believe that.

You know the feeling when you are all alone and thinking something that you shouldn’t be thinking because you lost someone you love or got and F in a class for the first time in your life? All of a sudden there is this warm feeling that comes over you when something happens. Some people argue that the warmth is God but I say it is the warmth from loved ones you lost there to comfort you and watch over. You can say that they are guardian angels but they may not be angels yet. A person you loved could have just died and stayed around to make sure that you moved on with your life and you didn’t try to hurt yourself because they were gone. My grandmother died when I was young and I remember the events of the night that she died. I had had a nightmare that night and I went down to get comforted, my parents were at a party for their work, and my grandma was watching us. I laid on her lap for a while that night before I went to bed. The next morning my parents sat us all down and told us the MiMi, my grandmother, had died the night before. I was so little that I was confused. It wasn’t until I say her lifeless body for the first time that I knew what happened. I was told that her heart just stopped and to this day I don’t actually know what happened to her.

Every time that I am really sad and don’t want to move on I look up to the sky and I see rays of light breaking through the sky that look to me like heaven is opening. When I see that, I feel warmth all around me like I am going to be okay and I am never alone. I believe in God and that he has a part in it but I believe more than anything that it is my loved ones lost that are there to help me through all the rough times in my life. Some say it might be just memories in your head but not to me. Spirits are out there and they are there to help you and watch over you. This I truly believe deep in my heart.