This I Believe

Zhenny - Austin, Texas
Entered on January 8, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

There are many different kinds of love exist in this world, such as valentine’s love, family’s love, love between the siblings, love to your friends, love to the nature, etc. But among all these love I believe in mother’s love. Because I deeply think the mother’s love to her child will never diminish or go away, it has been there since the day her baby was born. No matter when and where, this love is always reserve in the mother’s heart.

I was raised up mostly by my mother. She is the one who is always with me when I need her. When I was sad, she would caress me and cheer me up. When I misbehaved, she would discipline me. When I met the obstacle, she would aid me to overcome it. Everything she does for me let me believe that mother’s love is great, selfless, and does not want for return.

There were times we would encounter the conflict that brought us to a brawl or a fight. At times we can be very furious to each other over a trifle. As I grow older, this kind of conflict seems to be more frequent because there are more different opinions between me and my mother. But no matter how angry we are to each other, the conflict will always be resolved by a smile, a few soft words or a concession. This is all the matter of mother’s love. Because of this love and how much she cares about me, we have the conflict, and due to the same love, the conflict will be worked out somehow. And sometimes I even feel it is a kind of pleasure to have such a fight with my mother sometimes as a comparison to those kids who don’t even have a mother to fight with or be loved by. So for those of us who have the privilege of enjoying this love should always cherish it.

A more obvious evidence of mother’s love is the wrinkles that engraved on her forehead and the edges of her eyes from the elapsing time. Her self-sacrificing love has brought us to where we are now. And the winkles are the most truthful evidence of her sacrifice.

So I love my mother as much as she loves me. I am so grateful of everything she had done for me. But I don’t know how to express my feeling in front of her. So I write this I believe to convey my thought on my mother’s love and all the other mothers.