This I Believe

Veronica - Austin, Texas
Entered on January 8, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in poker. I believe in the thrill you get when someone calls your bet. I believe in the risk of going “all in”. I believe in buying in for another hand after you have failed to win the last one. I believe in winning a tournament against all of the boys.

I am the only girl who plays at our weekly poker night, and I have never once asked them to go easy on me. Even when I lose, I find that I leave the table with some new piece of knowledge. How to slow play a phenomenal hand so someone will call my bluff, how to use my girly charm to make them think I’m bluffing when I have them all beat, and most of all, how to leave that table with empty pockets and still have a smile on my face about what a good game I played.

Poker taught me what it is like to lose gracefully. Nights when a new face joins in and sacrifices their money to the felt is when I see how far I have come in my game. Unlike these rookies, I no longer throw my multicolored stacks of chips at the player who “had my out”, and I do not play as tightly as I used to. I have learned that the only way to get far in the game is to take risks. You will never win a big hand if you are not willing to bet it all.

I believe in being allowed to lie to win in the game. While I take my seat in front of the dealer, I know it is every man for himself. No rules, no apologies, and all bluff.

I believe in leaving your feelings at the door. When you are dealt in with money in your pocket and emotions in your heart, it can only get ugly.

I believe in luck. I believe that you will not win if it is not in the cards for you that night. I believe that when you take risks and rely on lady luck, is when you are a true poker player.

I believe poker is like life. You have to lie, risk it all, fail, lose gracefully, rely on fate and become numb to emotion to get ahead.