This I Believe

Michael - Mayslick, Kentucky
Entered on January 7, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I Believe: Music

I believe in music, pleasure for the ears. Music is emotion and is representative of human kind. I often listen to music to get away from everything. The hassles of the real world and worries of the school day are booted away by the comedic lyrics of Adam Green or the melodious sounds of Miles Davis.

Music is personal. I can relate to every single song in my 5500-song collection. Each song, each lyric, each note has a meaning. Music has purpose. Country ballads tell stories of lost love, punk-rock preaches against conformity while creating a conformity all its own, and symphonic sounds express emotion of the composer. These purposes all speak to someone somewhere.

I attempt to be a musician. I play the saxophone and would be pretty good if I practiced. I find the sounds of others to be much more pleasing than mine though. I can also peck around on a piano and play a few notes on guitar, but I would much rather listen than play. My love of music sprouted from a movie. I was flipping through channels one day when The Legend of 1900 came up on the screen. I became enthralled by the captivating jazz that is played on the piano in this relatively unknown movie about music and life. Jazz became a favorite of mine and then I was turned to other styles through jazz. Ska and its jazzy-rock feel, reggae and its slow-ska ambiance, hip-hop and its rhythmic expressiveness, and even rap with its sometimes lyrical abilities were added to my list of genres that I listen to. Country and all the genres of rock were already there from childhood.

This varied tastes in music helps me relax no matter my mood. States of depression can be alleviated by sweet sounding acoustical rock and aggressiveness can be released through the rips of a guitar in a metal ballad. Music is the cure for everything.

Music is for everyone. If someone says they don’t enjoy music, they are a lying. Somewhere, there is a genre or style of music that sings to the personality, emotions, and thoughts of the person. No matter what, music will always be and will always speak to the hearts of all. Music is the answer for everything, this I believe.