This I Believe

Paulina - Las Vegas, Nevada
Entered on January 7, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: immigrant

Two Sides of America

Over time, people from many different countries have come to America to conquer the so-called “American Dream.” However the majority of those people have been constantly mistreated in many different ways; racism and discrimination constitutes two of them.

A lot of people come to America to have a better life and better opportunities for them and for their families. When people talk about the American Dream it sounds easy, but it’s not easy to complete it. Because there would always be racism and discrimination, as matter fact we have to remember that it’s not our own country and is not the same language, same culture, or same kind of people.

About six years ago, my family and I had lived in the United

States. My family and I experienced racism and discrimination; it was something that never had happen to us before because we lived in Mexico. When I enrolled in school, I didn’t know anybody and didn’t know the language. I felt different from all the kids at school: like if they didn’t like me because I am Hispanic and like if they were better than me. At that moment I realized I was been discriminated just for not knowing English and for not been born in that United States. For American people, Hispanic people seemed to be bad and always think that we are irresponsible and don’t know anything.

I remember that every time I would tried to play with some kids at school, they would ignored me and acted like if I was invisible. I always wanted to cry and to run away, but I never did, instead I tried to get better with my vocabulary to show American people that I am not the way they think about Hispanics.

Now that I remember all of those things, I know that people from other countries think about the American Dream being something really easy, and that it could help them to improve their lives, but people forget about racism and discrimination won’t let them reach their American Dream. An example to prove this is whenever you go to some stores like: Couch, Gucci, Nordstrom, Hollister, American Eagle and some others, the people that work in those stores look at you different just for the fact that you are Hispanic, and at the same time they see you without prestigious clothes, they think that you don’t have enough money to buy something from the store. The sale people discriminate against you by not helping you or by treating you unequal to others.

As for the two side of America, the most realistic one is racism and discrimination against others without even knowing people, and this will never change, it is something that will keep going and it might get even worst.