This I Believe

Jhari - Atlanta, Georgia
Entered on January 7, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

What do you believe. I believe that when you want to do something nobody should be able to tell you that you can’t do it. I also believe that if you stick to something long enough you will get better and that as long as you practice it you have no choice but to improve. This is what I believe.

My first year of middle school I attended Pathway Christian Academy. My elementary school did not offer any sports so Pathway was the first school where I was able to join a school team. Because the school was so small they only had a basketball team which was not a problem because that’s my favorite sport. School started in August and tryout’s weren’t until October so I had plenty of time to get to no my possible team mates. Tryouts finally came around and I was pretty confident in myself after all this would be my second organized basketball team if you count summer camp. During the tryouts I noticed that must of the guys were out performing me which was a shock because I thought I was pretty good. Then the couch started calling out drills I didn’t even know how to do. To make the story short I didn’t make the cut and it really put me down. I went to the couch and asked him why didn’t I make the team he told me I just wasn’t aggressive enough and my fundamentals need work. Even though I didn’t make the team I continued to practice with some of the guys in P.E.

By the end of the school year I started to notice a big improvement in my skills, especially in my vertical jumping. I was really thinking about what the couch told me and worked on my fundamentals more than anything. I continued to work on my skills over the summer when ever I got the chance, I also got good practice on the summer camp team. The next year I stayed real close to the guy that made the team the last year to get a few pointers. When October’s tryouts came around I was ready and made the team, but I never stopped practicing and continued to get better.

My last year at pathway I was on the starting line up. At the end of the year the team had a 19-4 record and won 1st place in the Mt Bethel Tournament and I received a trophy for best rebounder. I did all of this because I believed that you can do anything with practice. That’s what I believe.