This I Believe

Amy - Hughesville, Maryland
Entered on January 7, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

It’s All About Karma

Everyone has a belief that their life revolves around. A belief that guides their every day decisions. My belief just happens to be, what goes around comes around. Many people have heard this phrase before, but this is what I base my life on; karma. I believe that everything I do has a consequence or an action that follows it. If I do not study for my science test, I am not going to pass the test. If I do study for my science test, I will pass it. It is as simple as that. If I am mean to someone, most likely someone will be mean back to me. If I help someone, it might change their life and in return they might help me when I need it most.

Growing up I have always been taught to honor my elders, be kind to nature, and never lie to anyone. I learned later that sometimes these things pay off.

Being kind to my elders was shown to “pay back” one Christmas, when my older neighbor, that I visited once a week, decided to give me some money. This money was not much but it showed me how much this short visit, once a week, meant to her. Even though I cannot go as often, I still visit her because I have realized that this woman needed a friend to talk to and I was her support system.

Be kind to nature showed me that if you take care of plants and animals, in return they will grow and live long, great lives. I had this fish that I got as a gift from my mother. The fish had something wrong with it, and what the normal person would have probably done was to give it back or wait until it died to get a new one. I, on the other hand, fed it and tried to nurse it back to life. I never gave up on that fish and he gave me a fascination to watch him swim around in his tank. This helped me to understand that everyone and everything in life needs a purpose to live.

Never lie to anyone showed me that people will trust me more with everything I do. If they know they can trust you, they will pay you back with a long, strong friendship. When I lied once to a friend, she found out and ended up hating me for it. Even though she said she forgave me, I can still tell she does not fully trust me. I vowed to myself , never to lie again, because it will get me back.

Everything you do will effect your future, so be wise on every decision you make. Whether it is the good or the bad things you do, it will find you. What goes up must come down and what you do to others will be done to you are all about what karma is. It’s all about karma!