This I Believe

Olu - Montgomery, Alabama
Entered on January 7, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: gratitude

I view life as God’s fundamental gift to humanity. Even though life brings its trials and tribulations, I believe that life should be viewed as a blessing

Despite being raised by two successful physicians, I have learned to look beyond material things. In addition, living in a wealthy country has made my life much easier than most people in the world. I can say that I am blessed.

I know it is a fact that people are born without loving parents, have various disabilities, and lack the necessities for survival. During my visit to Nigeria, I experienced the reality of this fact. I saw orphans along the streets, adults with severe disabilities, and children selling things to be able to eat. Through this experience, I began to appreciate my life more. Since then, I try to recall past events, and thank God that I had the opportunity to experience joy as well as challenges. I know without these experiences that my life would not be what it is today.

Everybody who has influenced my life has built my self-esteem. When I was younger, I had difficulty in school. I had very little confidence in myself. Luckily, I had two parents who were always motivating me to do my best in school. My mom has continually told me, “All I want is for you to always try your best.” I was able to take her advice, and I became more determined to do well in school. I am proud to say that I now attend the best high school in my county– for this, I am thankful for my parents.

My life in its self is a tremendous blessing from God. I am at an age where I realize that what I have are things that a number of Americans do not have not to mention people living in other countries.

My sixteen years experience on earth has helped me to grow both spiritually and physically. My faithfulness to God has given me focus and good morals. In addition, I have been kept safe from drugs and other life threatening situations. It has been said that well over a million teens die each year from drugs, illness, car crashes, or suicide. Because I am able to keep myself physically strong, I am able to play soccer up to my full potential.

I have gone through my life knowing that I have a bright future ahead of me. I know that for other children a bright future is far from what they can imagine. However, I feel as though life has a purpose. I am thankful for what life has offered me; therefore, I view life as a blessing. In this I believe.