This I Believe

Kelly - North Las Vegas, Nevada
Entered on January 7, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Playground swings embody one of the first challenges a child faces. The challenge never goes away, even as we grow and mature. Sometimes I kick and swing my legs to rise higher and higher, and sometimes, unfortunately, I cannot find it in me to take off. A generous percentage of my confidants are people whom I would have never spoken to if fate had not put us in the same spot. I know now that everyone deserves a chance, even if they come in an undesirable package.

I have a bad habit of judging people much too hastily. I can exchange a modest amount of words with someone, and then feel that I am already sure about whether I am going to take to this person or not. Lately, it seems, that I have been wrong. It is times like these that I sit on my swing and stare at the sky. I put all my effort in wishing for the cosmos and something spectacular, when I could be swinging to reach the stars with my bare hands.

I started working at It’s a Grind Coffee House more than six months ago. During my first week on the job, I looked around at my coworkers, and promptly decided that I would not enjoy their company. At this point, I felt myself tear my eyes away from the sky and peer down at my dangling feet, hovering above the unwelcome and dusty sand of the playground, the type of sand that gets in your socks and in between your toes. Put out, it did not seem that I had found my desired clouds, stars, or sun.

Now, six months later, several of my coworkers are my unlikeliest friends. Somewhere along the way, my colleagues began to gleam like the sun. I have come to discover that potential to shine lies in the most unexpected people. I may have never experienced this if I did not push a little bit, swaying back and forth, rising a little bit with each passing day.

I am swinging at a steady pace, and it is an ever-going challenge. Someday, the peak of momentum will be in my reach. I may clench and grip the metal chain links, afraid to let go, or I may propel forward and jump off. Whether I will stumble and fall, or land a running start to better things is a mystery.