This I Believe

Felice - Weymouth, Massachusetts
Entered on January 6, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: Christianity

What do I believe in? I believe in God. I feel that myself, and others were put on this Earth for a reason. All Earth’s stunning beauty within its nature and scenery had to be created by a sovereign being. Some events in my life excel me to know that there is a God, who’s watching over me. Before I was born my mom and my grandmother went swimming at the beach in Key west, Florida. It was a beautiful, ordinary day and the beach was perfect as usual. My mom and my grandmother went out into the water. They didn’t feel that they were out too far; other people were in the water a little closer to shore than they were. My mom was about 19, and my grandmother was about 40. All that was above the water was their heads. A strong undertow pulled them under. My grandmother being the mom of my mom wanted to ensure the safety of my mom if not able to obtain hers. She held my mom hands prayed,” that please don’t let her and her baby die out here”. The waves thrashed at their bodies, as the strength of the current continued to pull them under water as waves also took them farther out in the ocean. My grandmother took a deep breathe and pushed her body towards the ocean. She repeatedly did this and finally the waves carried them back toward shore. To this day both my mom and grandma believe that by the grace of God they survived. I believe that if God wasn’t watching over them, I wouldn’t be here right now writing this to you. I myself had a near death experience too. When I was five years old, I was playing on a street curb in Boston. My aunt, mom and grandmother were on the porch playing cards. A car flew over the curb real fast. My mom ran horrified and shocked, believing that I was some where dead under that car. My grandma was frantically calling my name. I had actually run away before the car attempted me on the curb. Everything happened so fast, I’m lucky and blessed to have survived that. I am happy to write about this, because I will never forget what happened. I do believe with all my heart6 that God’s real. I believe that his angles watch over us each day. Through some events in my life, this belief has been tested. When my step dad and my aunt died I was angry and blamed God for my losses. I felt if he really loved me and existed, why would he just let them die and hurt me? As I got older, I realized that it was God who let them live a long fulfilling life’s. Even though I miss them, its not God’s or life’s fault. Death is a part of life, of which cannot be changed or non- existing. It’s the final stage of Life; I never really believed that death would touch my family. Death cannot be escaped. I do believe at the end of eternity I am going to see them again. I’m going to see all of my deceased love ones again. Their going to be out of pain and suffering. They’ll be happy, and be waiting for me to come home. I believe God loves me, and gave me life. As a female he gave me the gift of producing life. I believe that life itself is already decided for us by God. I believe that I can make the decisions affecting my success. When I look up in the sky, day or night I know my loved ones are there, holding hands with God. Smiling down, protecting me and my family, loving me each day.