This I Believe

Angie - Glendale, Arizona
Entered on January 5, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: children

This I believe….

I love my children, love like no other feeling I have ever known. There perfect little eyes, their perfect little minds. The questions that always begin with “why momma”. It is my job to love and show them the world. To protect them against pain and suffering. The New Year is upon us and it is a good time for fresh starts. A lot of us are starting diets, exercise routines and new, promising cleaning schedules. I find that the New Year is a good time for reflection. I was among the group of mothers that had the pleasure of delivering donations to the Faith House for Christmas. It was very rewarding to see all the children light up as they walked into the gift room to choose presents and then gobbling down treats we brought them. It was also a time for me to internally be so thankful for all that I have and all that I am able to give to my family. Not only material wise but the safe place we can call home. At one point in the evening a young mother asked me to hold her 7 month old son as she looked thru her basket of goodies we gave her. She seemed delighted as she opened it and plucked out her lip gloss and applied it. Not much older then a child herself I quietly wondered if this would be her only gift this year. I later saw her picking a gift for her baby. It was a bitter sweet moment, yes he would have these gifts this night but would that be it? I tried to imagine how alone this mother must feel and how almost primal the need to protect her child must be. I realized how much I admire these mothers to have the courage to remove their children and themselves from dangerous situations at all cost. It was a sobering reminder at just how important being “the Mother” really is and when faced with the unimaginable for most how strong that woman “the Mother” can be. I hope we were able to touch them however brief it was. I hope in those few moments they felt supported and loved. I know I will think of those nameless mothers and their children for a very long time and hope that they find the strength to continue to be courageous! I urge each of us to touch and support other mothers in the coming year. We may never know how a small compliment or an encouraging word may forever help a fellow mother. We are each other’s sisters so let’s love one another and each other’s children like they are own, protect all of our families and love ourselves.