This I Believe

Noel - Las Vegas, Nevada
Entered on January 5, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

Chaos is Beauty

As I walked down the long hollow art gallery a strange, large, abstract piece caught the corner of my eye. It was across the room, about fifteen feet away. I studied it puzzlingly and thought, “How is this art?” It makes no sense! There is no painting of an object, just a mess of paint thrown on the canvas.”

The painting was a work done by Jackson Pollock. Now, I understand the meaning behind his strokes, but then, I only looked at the surface of his masterpiece. I viewed his painting as a complete mess of colored paint thrown onto the canvas like a kindergartener finger painting.

I believe in Jackson Pollock. I admire this artist because his paintings are like the integrated part of our nervous system; a chaotic mess that intertwines and collides to form a beautiful, colorful, masterpiece. When I study his paintings I get a feeling of motion and actions stitched into every molecule of substance on the canvas. I look at what seems like a jumbles disorder of brush strokes, but what ends up being a simple message.

The mess and collision of colors remind me of races of people, the overlapping of brush strokes and thick paint resemble history repeating itself, and the splashes of red are the bloodshed of mankind. Each color, brushstroke, and shape all form together to tell a story full of chaos. Now I realize this is what I hated when I first saw his work. I was in the ‘here and now’ and wanted to see a solid substance that I could relate to, for chaos made no sense then.

Now, because of Jackson Pollock, I believe in chaos. Chaos is the substance of life. What would we do if nothing collided and overlapped? I imagine we would all end up going the same direction, never crossing paths to confront anyone or anything. The world today depends on structure and sanity. Why? We all need chaos and like Jackson Pollock’s paintings, chaos is an indescribable masterpiece full of beauty and emotion that brings life.