This I Believe

Botswanna - Bristol, Tennessee
Entered on January 5, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: Holocaust

This I believe

I had over one hundred family members exterminated in the HOLOCAUST. Victim consciousness, terror, helplessness and hopelessness is the ever present model in my family.

64,000,000 million people lost their lives during world war II.

WE, THE PEOPLE, have vowed NEVER AGAIN would there be another GENOCIDE. There have been genocides all over the world since this vow was made. We have done nothing to stop it.

WE, THE PEOPLE, stated that NEVER AGAIN would we stay silent while others are being tortured, maimed and killed. Daily precious lives are lost. We have stayed silent.

WE, THE PEOPLE have vowed NEVER AGAIN to commit war upon each other. Mindlessly, we war with our words, with our hearts, with our guns of choice.

I believe war is genocide with a ‘politically correct’ name given it. Some believe, call it a war, and we are free to act at will. Some believe call it a holy war and then we are ‘saved’.

I believe calling a war holy is an oxymoron.

I believe the TRUTH of all paths is based on LOVE and PEACE.

Nations prepare for peace by increasing their weapon arsenals and nuclear weapons. These are not peace tools.

I believe peace tools are compassion.

I believe peace tools are dialogue.

I believe peace tools are listening and hearing.

I believe peace tools are mutual honoring and respect.

I believe fighting fire with fire never works

Billions of corpses can attest to this.

I believe the root of violence is in victim consciousness.

I believe the root of genocide is not in hating the other but in hating oneself.

I believe the root of terrorism is based on the terror which resides inside of us.

I believe the root of war is based in helplessness and hopelessness..