This I Believe

Will Seamus - Huntsville, Alabama
Entered on January 5, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: nature

I was born an engineer. My father was given a silver infant cup from his Engineering Battalion, with the castle and my name on it to acknowledge my birth. I am probably the only engineer I know with that kind of visible proof of a future career.

Of course, I fought this “legacy” as I grew up. I didn’t want to know why something was the way it was. I refused all help from my father concerning math. I even fantasized about killing vampires with his slide rule. But it seeped into my consciousness anyway, even from a spiritual standpoint.

Many people of a logical persuasion use their minds to either prove to themselves that God doesn’t exist or prove that there must be an external source of intelligence out there. It seems as if there were only two possible answers to a single multiple choice question. I’ve always hated multiple choice tests and exit polls, because I always felt that any teacher or poll writer who couldn’t deal with subtlety or nuance didn’t deserve the position. I felt that God was more than qualified to handle nuance.

My engineering mind has led me away from the religions of fortified camps and absolute dogmatic convictions, but it hasn’t led me away from a deep belief in Something Greater than we are.

It has also led me to see that there are Laws deeper than physical laws and more widely distributed than the religious laws of social control that we’ve had cast in stone.

There are laws written on our hearts. Even Paul acknowledged that. There are laws that transcend culture, space and time, just as the law of gravity is universal. As an engineer, I felt that such laws could be found by boiling down the essence of things, by observation and by being willing to see with more than the myopic vision that’s been handed down to us.

I believe in greater Law because I believe in a greater God, both of which could be found by applying logic and spirit, mind and heart. Such scientific views also need scientific-type criteria: that such laws must be true in all times and in all cultures, that they must work on all levels of nature and that they must set us free.

The raw distillate that I now have in my lab of consciousness is made up of Love and Law. The Law is the Law of Being, told to Moses well before the tablets of stone, as the very name and nature of God: I AM that I AM. The Love is an Affinity of Being, which supports and expands all beings into and beyond form.

The Being and the Love come together in everything, allowing atoms to be atoms, stars to be stars, the lilies of the valley to be lilies and humans, above all, to be the divine and conscious creations that we were meant to be.