This I Believe

Nicholas - Louisville, Colorado
Entered on January 5, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: gratitude

“You Pave Your Own Path”

In all the days of my life (up to this point) I have realized many things, an uncountable number of moments of realization. Between my hockey career, school, and everything else I do I have accumulated many experiences and therefore have had many realizations. The most powerful one is the thought that you pave your own path in life to reach your dream. The decisions or choices you make everyday move you forward and always seem to affect you in some way.

Besides your loved ones and friends, not enough people care about other people in this world, people are just other people, and they are just rocks on the mountain you must climb. But people are a part of your life whether you like it or not, and you’re an equal part of their lives. You can step over a loose rock, or you can slip on it. You can use a sturdy rock to excel up the cliff, but you control and power every step of the way. Perhaps and unfortunately maybe some people do come to cliffs and rocks they can not overcome and fall, but who knows for sure.

The point is you pave your own path in this world, you choose which stones you lay on your path, and all you have to do is find them. Everyone and everything you encounter in life is a part of your life and you can use every last piece or you can let it use you. From your loved ones you care for to your favorite tree in the park, they’re all on the same land. You need to realize the basic goodness in every part of your life in order to appreciate your life. When you see a tree you need should appreciate it, you should enjoy doing what you do best.

You should be grateful for your gifts and life. It’s once you appreciate the goodness in life you can begin to understand life and succeed economically and spiritually. Once you realize what everything in life means to your life you can begin paving your path to the top of your mountain. By top of mountain I mean reaching your dream; succeeding in your goal. You power your walk and you choose your path to the top, whatever stumbles into your path was meant to, what determines how far you move forward is how you respond to what you find on your path.