This I Believe

Eric - louisville, Colorado
Entered on January 4, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Is Being Good Great?

In many lives people begin to realize that is just being a great person enough to make me successful? Or is success only based off of knowledge and persuasion? The idea of this gradually sets into the human minds and can sink in a multitude of different ways. One can think that being successful is all that matters and be a complete jerk yet still be rich, while another person can set aside his own goals to help others and think kindness is more important. Which sounds like they disserve more? At what point does the human mind out rule kindness because it is not a necessary part of wealth. Throughout my life I have tried in school but have always been too overcome with the urge to help my friends instead of myself, a cause for this mixture is that I love to talk and help people and because of my own laziness. Just because of the fact that I am not the best of students means that many jobs that I may qualify for will look down on me for my “lack of education” but won’t take into the fact of my kindness. My personnel may be judged by some depending on my grades, they may say that I am a failure or they shouldn’t talk to me, but what a person should really look for is “is this person a good person”. Compared to kindness and caring, shouldn’t everything else be less important?