This I Believe

Tina - Carmel, New York
Entered on January 4, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe in my mother…

I also believe in many other varied things like; butterfly kisses, taking naps on the beach, the power of love and the power of women – especially female friends. And the reason I believe in these things is because of the strength and wisdom and foresight of my mother — a woman way ahead of her time. A woman who did things not because of what others might think — not to impress or to gain approval. But because the things she did were right – for her, her husband, her children, family and community.

So often throughout my life, I watched my mother expend much energy on projects that she thought were important – and they were – not just to her personally but to others – and for many years to come.

In the early sixties, long before he was popular, my mother started exercising to Jack La Lane and long before anyone else was taking them, my mother began taking vitamins. In the late sixties, long before recycling was in our vocabulary, my mother started recycling to fundraise for a Boy Scout project and turned it into a full-time job in which she traveled the United States throughout the 1970’s lecturing on how important it is to our future generations to begin recycling now – before we use up our natural resources.

My mother was born in 1916 and had me when she was almost 45 years old – even after everyone told her she was crazy to have a baby at such a late age. And, she continued to wear those pointy-toed stiletto heels her entire life – even when they were out of style — because “you’ll see – one day they’ll come back”.

My mother epitomizes “grace” by being an example. I have never heard my mother say a bad word about anyone. Race means nothing to her and she could care less if someone is homosexual. On the contrary, she taught me that we are all the same inside and that we should treat others with dignity and kindness – the same way we would want to be treated.

My mother is deeply religious but has not let that stop her from having a great sense of humor and having fun throughout her life. Even at 90 years old, she continues to be witty – even at the most devastating moments in our lives – when the last thing you think about is being funny but it’s the time you need humor the most.

One thing I realized at a very early age was that I was extremely lucky to be given my mother – and that she was given to me. We have been marvelous friends since my youth and she is totally responsible for the woman, mother, wife and friend I have grown to be.

I believe in my mother because she taught me to believe in me.