This I Believe

Ben - mahtomedi, Minnesota
Entered on January 4, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Last year when I was 13, I learned a very important lesson, it was that tunnage rules. This can be very important because if you are on the wrong side of this you can be seriously injured or you might wake up dead. I however did not believe this rule at the time. My family was trying to sell our boat because we had just gotten a new one, so we were trying to take pictures. So, I decided to try and pull the Lund rebel out of the garage into the driveway by myself so we would still have some daylight left to take the pictures and my parents were not getting around to it. Well to get to the point it takes a lot more than a large teen to stop a 1000 pound boat on a hill after it gets moving. Well after running by me the boat decided to take a little tour through the neighborhood by its self. After I checked for damage, I only found a few things that were screwed up. One of the things was there was a tire track right through the middle of my mom’s garden, it was really funny it looked like the garden had been tilled up by a tractor, the wrought iron hanger had also been run over and was bent to the side.