This I Believe

Dan - lousiville, Colorado
Entered on January 4, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: hope

The world is a confusing place filled with pain, anger, hate, and hope. Hope is what drives humanity on; it keeps our passion alive and spurs our creativity on. We live off of hope it is what give s us the will to live and survive. No matter what happens no matter how hard life gets we keep going because every one with hope has the will to survive. Through all of history hope has kept us fighting not out of selfishness but out of hope for something better. From the Revolutionary War to the World War 2 and Beyond hope has been the source of power for every one who fought for justice. And even now it still keeps us going hope for a better world for our children.

My life is not particularly hard I do not live in fear of death or going hungry or anything like that but I still have worries work, school, and everything else an anti-social 16 teen year old worries about. Right now I’m totally stressed and panicking about my current math grade but I have hope that I can make it better and with this hope I continue to try. On a related note many parents or adults think that being a kid is easy but they are unaware how truly wrong they are and how hard it truly is. But no matter how hard it is my friends and I never give up and keep on going. Because of hope I have the strength to continue on and give it all I have.

Hope has been a guiding principle and an unstoppable force not just in my life but through out history. The soldiers in the revolutionary war did not only fight for freedom but for hope. The hope, that what they do today would create a better future for them tomorrow so they could live happily. It was what inspirited them to defeat an enemy bigger, stronger and better equipped. The slave era in USA history is dedicated to hope. It is sad how few slaves hopes at freedom were recognized but still eventually their hopes and dreams were recognized. The hope to free the slaves, bring peace, and keep their country together is what the union fought for. And that hope led them to victory along with better equipment more man power and a better economy. In World War 2 the soldiers fought and died in the millions in hope to bring peace and when the concentration camps were found they hoped to liberate a depressed and down trodden people and a hope for justice. Hope has led a crusade against evil in injustice weather it was for oneself or the peace of another but hope has guided the righteous and decent to victory.

I personally have let hope guide me through the hard times at family deaths or death of my pets or even when my parents got divorced. When people our hopeless the y kill themselves. So always keep hope in your heart for it is the guiding light of a better tomorrow.