This I Believe

Tony - Bethesda, Maryland
Entered on January 4, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

This I believe is my one and most dangerous foe. Belief is a given knowledge by a source outside of me. Belief is mind stuff often mistaken as Truth. In fact it is a sort of personal truth, but never native to the invaded mind and always a transplanted evil. Evil, because it is a masking device that has kept the human spirit in the depth of the slumber of ignorance for ages. What I believe is supposed to keep me safe. What I believe determines if I am a good person or not. What I believe is supposed to give me membership to the right social group. What I believe is supposed to save me?

Belief is like a trusted friend that we have to rely on when we are blind and can not see for ourselves. Belief is a false knowing. If I know I do not need to believe. When I realize I know I would not be blind anymore.

How grateful I am for your wonderful service to inquire about our various beliefs. But make no mistake, these are contagious maladies that need to be brought to light because they are insidious, covert, and divisive invaders in our life that cause us to experience separation from practically everyone in the world. By bringing these covert invaders, “our beliefs” to the light of our consciousness we can let them go, release them to the darkness from where they come and like the pealing of the onion abandon each obscuring layer and awaken to our own knowing. Beware; giving your belief to someone is the utmost violation. It is the stuff of enslavement, for only a mind can be enslaved. It is the stuff of abuse for it disconnects our willing hosts from their own creative life source and condemns them to a life of depravation and scarcity. The Truth can not be given; it can only be awakened to. We can only point to it. And all who know they are free to choose will make their choice to see. Your Truth is not what you believe in, it is what you know. But until you become willing to know you have to rely on what you believe. Until then you will remain in bondage.

I do not believe I am a good person. I know I am. I do not believe there is a God. I know there is one. I do not believe or disbelieve in what you believe because I know I and you are one.

The world will change when we abandon our beliefs and become aware of our knowing that comes from within and not without. Then all belief systems will become obsolete because no one will be willing to pay the high price of believing.