This I Believe

Aley - Louisville, Colorado
Entered on January 4, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

I Believe in Life

I believe in life and that it is a mystery that will never be fully understood. At one time I didn’t believe in life and its wonder. I had given up and I thought that my life didn’t matter. I didn’t know why I had to hurt or why my heart seemed to cry, hiding my many sorrows. It was like a never ending nightmare that had a hold of my existence squeezing me till I couldn’t catch my breath. I was in a constant battle against life, and to me death seemed to be the easy way to ease my weeping eyes. You would have never guessed that I was alone and confused, tired and weak, yearning for someone to help me get rid of this desire so deep in me wanting to give up on life.

I remember lying in that hospital bed when I put my destiny in vain, looking up at my mom’s face to see her aching from inside. She was trying to stay strong for me by not showing her emotions but I could see right through her plastic coating. The thing she couldn’t comprehend was how her fallen angel came to the day that any mother would dread. It was the time to show me she cared so it could rid my pain that I kept so secret. She heard my prayers of pain.

That day was a wake up call that made me wonder why me? Why did I get chosen to have a second chance to lust for life in all its laughter, beauty and forgiveness? It takes me back to that saying, “When one door closes another one opens.” This gave me the faith that miracles do happen. I should live my life to the fullest and live everyday like my last because life goes by way too fast.

You should never take or use what you can’t replace. Now I experience life and how amazing it is, no matter how bad I felt before, now I can just cry and remember. Life makes the floor tip up at me and causes my body to spiral away with passion, curiosity, and wonder. Life is something large and universal that binds us all together.

I believe life’s all about the journey and not the arrival.