This I Believe

Melissa - louisville, Colorado
Entered on January 3, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

The Sound Track to My Life

Now days everyone seems to be a copy of someone else. Learning how to distinguish ourselves from the crowd is one of the biggest challenges we as teenagers are faced with today. Each person has their own hobby, talent or just an extinct feature that shines threw them on a daily basis, separating them from the social norm. I believe the one thing I have is my music and art.

I believe I cannot only separate myself from the rest of the population in some way or another, but I can also express myself threw my music. Each type of music I love represents the mood I’m in and what’s going on in my life at that exact moment. No one else knows exactly how I’m feeling and that’s one way I’m able to express my feelings. Whether it be happy, sad, mad or just full of excitement and energy, you can tell what kind or state of mind I’m in by the genre of music I’m listening to. Relating to the lyrics is the most important thing I try to get out of my music. When I hear a song that truly touches me and makes me think of the world, myself and my journey ahead, that’s a great song. But when I’m just in a feel good mood, hip hop music with no meaningful lyrics but a good up beat and lively track that just makes you want to dance, does the trick. I would love to one day give back to the world in the form of musical arts. To be able to write a beautiful and meaningful song that touches at least one person in the way I have been touched and that could relate to a variety of individuals.

My art is also very special and unique to me. I draw what I feel and I take pictures of what I see. Many times ill see a picture in my mind, I’ll see exactly how I’d like it to be drawn and then I’ll try to transfer my ideas to paper. Most of the time the real drawing will have no comparison to what my mind sees but that doesn’t stop me from trying. Ever since I was younger art has been one of my favorite subjects in school and a passion of mine. Photography is a new passion of mine that arose when I got my digital camera. Being able to capture a beautiful moment in time is priceless and a treasure I can keep forever. I love having old memories and creating new, the camera is one way to perserve those memories for years to come.

These are just a few of the ways I am able to express myself and for once realize who I really am. And if not, most importantly to prove to myself that I am an individual who has a purpose on this earth.