This I Believe

Alysia - Danvers, Massachusetts
Entered on January 2, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

It started the day that I turned sixteen. I got my permit and I wanted my Nissan Altima right at that moment. My dad asked me if I have been looking at cars, and I told him how I want a Nissan Altima. He looked at me and while laughing he said, “What am I made out of money?” He told me that I could get a Hyundai just like my sister. That next week, my cousin just got his license and got the Nissan Altima that I wanted with the leather seats and everything. I was so mad, it was not fair that he got the car and I didn’t. It made me think about how my parents are divorced and how only my dad is paying for my car. Also, I thought I deserved it more than him because I am nicer and smarter than him.

While I was out to lunch with my dad, I told him how my cousin had the car I wanted, but he still didn’t budge. He said that he is sorry and he will try to get me a car I want that is in his price range. I looked at a Hyundai pamphlet, and I showed him what cars I liked, with the different colors, and interior. Later that month my dad told me he was at the dealership and found a brand new 2006 Hyundai Elantra that he wanted me to come down and see. When he described the car to me I got upset because it was not the blue color I wanted and it did not have leather seats. My dad tried to cheer me up by saying it had a sun roof but it didn’t matter. We decided the next day, I was going to go to the dealership and check the car out. That night my family came over and I complained how it wasn’t the type of car I wanted. My uncle looked at me with the most disgusted face and told me I was unbelievable to even complain about something like that.

At the car dealership, the dealer explained all the different features to me, but I did not even care, because I thought it was a waste of time. I got to test drive the car, and surprisingly I liked it. I told my dad that I liked the car even though I was unhappy that I didn’t get my first choice but I was still thankful.

I was real excited when I got my car. I told all my friends and they told me I was so lucky to get a new car. Also, they were jealous that I didn’t even have to pay for anything besides the gas. I believe that I was selfish to not really thank my dad for going through all the trouble to get me a new car, and I repaid him by saying it is not the color I wanted.