This I Believe

Katelyn - Danvers, Massachusetts
Entered on January 2, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

A Bond Between Sisters

Friendship is one of the most valuable ingredients in life. People meet new people and form friendships that last for a period of their lives. However the most significant friendship is the friendship between those who know each other formed not merely on a personal level but the DNA that intertwines them from the day they bequeath their parents with their presence. I believe a bond between sisters is far greater than any other friendship.

I first understood true loyalty to one’s own flesh and blood when I learned of my mother’s past and ties she had built with her three sisters, Cindy, Beth, and Linda. When my mom was seventeen, her mother’s life was taken. One morning while helping the children get ready for school she suffered from a fatal cardiac arrhythmia. After the tragedy my mom and her seven siblings, three girls and four boys, were left with only a father.

Struggling to deal with this situation my mother and her sisters sought comfort and safety in each other more than ever. Although all four girls were members of tight knitted groups of friends, instinctively, they chose to confine in each other as they coped with the loss of their mother. With no maternal figure to turn to, the girls formed unbreachable bonds. That critical support system that was established allowed for each of them to slowly fill the void placed deep in their hearts.

I now know that the struggles these four women faced permitted for my mother and her sisters to realize how important they were to each others survival. Now, in my life, I am beginning to understand the importance of the relationship with my own sister, Meghan.

When I was little I never considered my sister and I to be friends. I simply viewed her as my bossy, older sister. As the years have past and I have grown she has proved to be my loyalist companion.

The first time that I realized that Meg was more than just a sister to me, was two summers ago, when my group of best friends kept a hurtful secret from me. When the secret was finally revealed, I recognized that Meg was the one that was there for me rather than those who I considered my best friends. She provides a certain sense of comfort and intimacy that is unreachable in any other relationship.

I love all of my friends but the bond between my sister and I is unique in its own way. A bond between sisters is superior to any other friendship one would have shared with someone else. Sisters can curse each other a million different ways but in the end they will still be there to reach out and lend a hand to one another. The interweaving of memories, help mold a stable foundation where the bond of sister-hood lays.