This I Believe

Grantlin - Houston, Texas
Entered on January 2, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

The power of that last song you heard in the car that’s stuck in your head

I believe in the power of that song you last heard that keeps playing in your head. You know: the song that ends with the turning off of the engine or the push of the stop button on an Ipod. These lyrics inspire me to do things that take a great amount of courage, but also simply help me get through the day. In fact, song lyrics have guided and built the self-confidence that I have today.

Back when I started high school, I began to really get into music, particularly songs that told stories about people doing the best they can and achieving, despite rough circumstances. It was also about this time that songs that I would listen to would jump into my conscious while in class, doing homework, or playing sports.

For a while, I thought I was kind of crazy, but then these songs in my head inspired me to write my own songs. Well not exactly songs but more like poetry, since I can not play an instrument and am about as tone deaf as you can get. I began to write and gain confidence in my own thoughts, words, and ideas. Throughout my years in higher education, I have studied social work, and often struggle internally with the many social problems in our world. The lyrics in my head from my favorite artists allow me to temporarily escape, but also re-focus me to strive for solutions to end poverty, increase health care coverage, prevent substance abuse, and stop the increasing rates of incarceration of minority populations in our country.

Some lyrics make me laugh and provide a release from studying the horrific causes and effects of child abuse. Other lyrics help give me the courage to continue to speak out to end men’s violence against women. I find that certain favorite lyrics echo the trials and tribulation of clients I work with. The message of staying true to oneself, beating the odds, and ending up okay, acts as a source of hope for the harsh reality I see many people face.

Broadly speaking, my belief is a reflection of the power of music. I believe in the inter-connectedness of an artist’s creativity that inspires me, makes me smile, allows a break from, or helps me make it home sanely through the traffic. It’s not daydreaming, but rather the belief in my internal jukebox, that knowingly selects certain songs for each occasion, mood, and feeling and acts as the North Star of my life.