This I Believe

Lauren - Danvers, Massachusetts
Entered on January 2, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe Essay

My mom always said that some girls are just late bloomers, ugly ducklings that will eventually turn into swans; my favorite was when she would have to reassure me that I wasn’t a complete nerd. It’s funny when I think about it; I was skinny. I was so skinny; my doctor thought I had something wrong with me. I had maybe five pairs of glasses, and they were all the same. They were too big for my tiny face and really round.

I was the kid in first grade that you would see running across the playground in terror with a set of really mean twins chasing close behind. The end of the chase was always the same. Eventually, the mean kids would catch up to me because I could only run so fast in my little, black buckle shoes, and they would push me down. One good hard push, and I was on the ground with my green, red, black, or whatever color tights my mother had dressed me in that day, all ripped up with my bloody knees showing through.

The skinny girl, with eyeglasses that too big for her face, was daring and goofy. I had a spirit all my own that no one could bring down. I probably owe that to my mom. She was always boosting me up when I would come home in tears. This was where we would sit down together and read the ugly duckling story. I guess that can be reason 501 why I love my mom.

I moved to Danvers in fifth grade. I was still awkward and skinny, still had glasses, but then we were able to add braces to the mix. My mom said I looked like Eliza Thornberry from Nickelodeon; my teacher said that since I had braces and glasses, I was a real geek. I look back and laugh at the uncanny resemblance; I think they got it exactly right.

It turns out; maybe Mom was right after all. The things that brought me down are funny to look back on and laugh about. Who cares if I had glasses that were too big for my face, or a weight that seemed abnormal to some people? I guess I’ve always been goofy and awkward and I realize that I still am, but that’s me, and for now I’m alright with just being me. No one will accept me, if I can not accept myself. It is true that it is what is on the inside of a person that really matters, and not the stupid glasses she wore in 4th grade.

I believe that accepting yourself is the first step to being a swan, but if by chance you never become a swan, the ugly duckling is cute too. This I believe.