This I Believe

Keivn - danvers, Massachusetts
Entered on January 2, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

There are those people in your life that are always by your side, helping you through every moment of your life. For some these people are their family, or maybe even employees they work with. The people that are always there for me are my friends. My friends are the ones who make me happy when I’m sad, make my life fun, and are always there for me. My belief is that friends are the ones who are always, and always will be there for you.

High school is mostly about getting those perfect grades your parents want, and making new friends, while keeping your old ones. Last year me and some of my friends started hanging out with a new group of people. This new group was a fun and energetic group to be with. We hung out almost all of the time and became best friends. After a while of being with these new friends, we started to drink and party once or twice a month. It wasn’t a big deal because my old friends and I used to drink once and a while too. We began drink more and more often, instead of once or twice a month, we drank a couple times a weekend.

Some of my friends started to realize that we were getting a little out of control. Soon almost all of my friends realized this and stopped drinking as much. Everyone did this except for me. Instead of not drinking as much I started drinking more and more. I to the point where I was drinking everyday, sometimes I did it more then once a day. My friends tried to help me realize that I needed to stop and that drinking by myself this much, would affect me in the long run. At first I thought that they were just overreacting, so I kept my drinking habit up for several months.

My habit started to affect me in a negative way.* I acted differently towards family and friends, I felt sick every time I wanted to drink, and didn’t feel better until I had one. My reflexes became slow, I thought of drinking all the time and it came before school and sports. But my friends didn’t give up on me despite my harsh attitude towards them. They talked to me several times finally got through to me. The thing that made me stop wasn’t listening to the negative effects that will happen to me or what kind of person I was becoming. But it was because someone told me that they cared and were worried about me. She told me that I was her best friend and that she wanted me to stop for me, not for her or anyone else, but for myself. She said that I was smart and knew that I would do the right thing once I realized how many people cared for me and that I was doing something wrong.

It took me about two days to realize that I had a drinking problem and had to stop. I gradually slowed down my drinking habit and started going out and seeing my friends more. I’ve slowed down my drinking a lot, and haven’t drunk by myself since then. I still do drink on occasion with friends, but it is controlled and for fun. I also now have the will power to say no to drinking, while before I couldn’t resist.