This I Believe

george - danvers, Massachusetts
Entered on January 2, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

Practice Makes Perfect?

I believe that practice makes perfect. Anyone who has ever played a sport knows that practice does influence improvement. Like homework practice is not a very favorable activity among many others that could be done. The main stage for a practice is usually a field or court of some sort.

One summer my friends and I discovered a new game requiring cards and chips or coins. This game called Texas hold’em quickly grew on us as the summer progressed. Each of us became a better player through hours of poker under clear blue summer skies. From the 3 months granted by school vacation, I learned and taught more poker than I have ever come to duplicate since. All this practice was revolved around a table smaller than a students desk.

Americas past time has been associated with many famous names like Lou Gehrig, Babe Ruth, Ted William and Cy Young, over its history. None of these players solidified their names in the hall of fame without hard work, determination and practice. I remember being in the tee-ball league thinking of how I could quite possibly one day become a famous baseball player like my hero (at the time) Mo Vaughn. As time moved on reality set in but today I still strive to become the best I can be and do hope to one day to play in the big leagues. No player, no matter how much they are worth in the eyes of the major leagues, is perfect. Every time I commit an error I instantly realize the mistake I made to allow the ball to easily roll right under my glove. These simple mistakes can be easily overcome by repeating the action that need be refined. In practice the basics can always use an adjustment of some sort unless of course you’re perfect.

Practice does allow one to improve his game but it also transforms a team in to a family. The football players seem to act like an elite group amongst themselves and act as if other students are beneath them because of their non-football playing status. This may look so but in reality they act this way because they are a family. Coming up on the last week of football last year one of the captains made a remark I may never forget. He said that we had seen this family more than we had seen our own families in three months. This was true we had seen each other six days out of seven a week and had come to know each other so much better.

Practice is a necessary part of any game or team activity. A team who works together as a whole rather than nine or eleven individuals stands a better chance to succeed. Now say I pull together a team of the best players in a sport and throw them into a game without any of them getting the chance to understand each other. In time after they had worked together they may be come better. After all of my practice with Texas Hold’em I am no pro. Like any body I struggle for long periods of time until I work out the bugs through a lot of practice or give up. In short practice does not make perfect, but it sure helps.