This I Believe

Julia - Danvers, Massachusetts
Entered on January 2, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in goofiness. Sometimes, taking a vacation from being serious is relaxing. This could be a figurative vacation or a literal one. A silly comment or a funny action can really lighten the mood during a stressful day.

A very famous playwright, William Shakespeare, had a very solid grasp of the concept of comic relief. Even in famous tragedies such as Romeo and Juliet, he included the Nurse to make things seem brighter with her anecdotes and attitude. Just as in Shakespeare’s plays, people very much like this Nurse can be found in real life.

Being goofy doesn’t necessarily require cheering up your friends. It could be a form of personal amusement, even. On a trip of mine to Mexico, upon meeting people that I didn’t think I would want to see again, I would use a false name and a fake Russian accent. Though the nature of these little white lies never made it to the surface, they created a sort of fun game to amuse me whenever boredom would strike me with the added bonus of providing great story material for when I returned back to Danvers.

So where can one act hilariously insane? Generally, places where goofiness is much needed are those where the culprit feels comfortable, and everyone else constantly feels stressed. French class is where I strike. Anyone that is in French with me can look across the classroom at any time and find my friends and me attempting to silence our giggles about one of our latest comments. In this kind of environment, virtually any phrase can be twisted into one that induces fits of laughter. Creating atmospheres like this one can provide small escapes from classes full of serious people and wishes of being somewhere else.

Sure, acting silly can earn scorn from those that are too serious from their own good. Yes, being goofy can distract the people around a person, but acting insane can also provide that little nudge that helps people lighten up during the day. Whether you like it or not, goofiness can (and will) distract you from your problems for at least a little bit, even if in the form of simply being annoying. Goofiness gives us all a break from the seriousness of daily life and even makes people smile. It’s a good thing.