This I Believe

Timothy - danvers, Massachusetts
Entered on January 2, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Me, Myself, and I

When I show the effort and the determination in learning new concepts, I will prove to myself, and all others that I will be successful and comfortable in all situations. I have realized that when I’m in an uncomfortable situation, I wonder to myself; is this experience really important?

During math class a couple weeks ago, we were learning new ways of solving problems and I thought that I knew how to do them. Apparently, I was completely wrong. I went into class the next day to take the test and right on the first problem I did not know what to do. When I got the test back I didn’t get the grade that I thought I deserved. That day, I went back to the teacher and she helped me learn what I thought I already knew. When she finished helping me learn the ideas I retook the test and I got the grade that I should have gotten the first time. I knew that I could learn the material but it takes that extra effort to ask for help and I put it upon myself to do so.

It also takes extra effort to leave my comfort zone and go a distance away to a country where I really call my home land; Israel. Personally to leave my country without my parents I did not think that I would ever in my right mind do this. To make things seem worse I only knew about three out of 100 students. I felt very uncomfortable meeting all these people. However, believing in myself gave me the confidence and that “extra effort” to have an experience of a lifetime.

After my first week in Israel, the Hezbollah terrorist group was shooting off missiles right where my trip itinerary had us going. Without knowing what my mom was thinking I knew, that she knew, that I was going to be all right. With her believing in me and me believing in myself she knew that I would be safe from the attack. Considering the fact of having really no connections home, my mom trusts that I will keep myself out of harms way and contact her when I could.

Ultimately, theses experiences have helped me realize how much I value self-confidence. Otherwise how can I move on in life if I do not believe that I can succeed in whatever I do? And yes this is really important.