This I Believe

Louis - Omaha, Nebraska
Entered on January 1, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

My name is Louis and I believe in saying what is true is true. In our society today many people are ashamed to speak the truth about a subject sometimes. I know the spoken word can do harm or help an individual, but to not speak at all or not have an opition, is an un true. As a human being I should be able to voice a true statement or a true fact without being ridiculed for. To observe a truth and not tell of it for fear or retribution is wrong. The union of a man and a woman to procreate as husband and wife is true. Babies as living beings from conception, meaning sperm fertilizing egg is true. An embrio is alive because it uses cells and blood to grow and become more than it is. It grows and that is true.

Our society has lost what is really true for the word diversity to satify true. To give up what is true, is to lose our sense of what is morale and just. To do the the right thing that is true.