This I Believe

Daniel - Houston, Texas
Entered on January 1, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe it is possible to fall in love with life.

I know a couple and their son. The Father, I know well. He is the type that always smiles when talking to someone. He always seems to accept whatever happens, good or bad. He always seems to be in a good mood. I’ve seen this in other people, but here it seems genuine.

One night, I needed to get some paperwork from the Mother and walked with her to the car in a parking lot. When stepping out from under the trees into the darkened parking lot, she exclaims, “OMG! Look at that!” I am looking for some wild animal or some dude coming at us with a knife. Not seeing either of these, I look back at the Mother and ask, “What?” She is looking up and says, “Look at the stars!”

Yes. The stars look beautiful. It’s a clear night and we are far away from the big city lights. So we see much more of the night sky than we are both used to. I mumble something about how nice it is to see more stars when away from the city’s lights and start to walk on. She stands still marveling a few moments more as if she has never seen stars before.

Security where I once worked is contracted out. For all I know, the contract goes to the lowest bidder, but I hope not. There is a main gate to the campus and a few back gates. Guards staffed little guardhouses at each. The guards primarily look for the proper decal on cars, allow those through, and send the rest to the security building.

One day, a new guard appeared at the front gate where most employees enter and all the visitors enter. Rather than conduct this somewhat mundane job in the traditional fashion, he choose to enjoy his job. A smile and a wave replaced the standard hand gesture and head nod. If my window was down, I heard, at the very minimum, “Good morning!” He used his entire body to invite me into work that morning. He caught my eye, waved, greeted, squatted, pivoted, and pointed with his dance. A cheerleader, if you will. I was special.

Many people changed their route to work and endured more traffic just so they could use the front gate. The topic of conversation at work is the security guard out front. How many of you smile on your way to work? How many or you are smiled at on the way to work? I did and I was.

I don’t know if I will even have this feeling of falling in love with life myself but I have seen it in other people who look at the stars and wave.