This I Believe

Sean - Melbourne, Australia
Entered on December 31, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that my beliefs are not a 362 word essay. I believe that they are the day to day, hour to hour and second to second actions that I exhibit. I believe that a sense of understanding and perspective are underrated character traits. I believe that its ok from time to time to be angry. Or unjustified. Or irrational. Or incorrect.

I believe that the world is shrinking, but we are as far away from one another as we have always been. I can tell you the names and addresses of friends throughout the world – but just don’t ask me to name my next door neighbors. I believe that my faith in government may never return. I believe that not enough questions are being asked of those who control large portions of lives. I believe that tearing everything down and starting again is not such a bad idea. I believe that politicians can only feed off of the apathy generated by their constituents. I believe that the system is still tilted in our favor.

I believe that I would have done well not to begin every sentence of this essay with the words ‘I believe’.

I believe that romance isn’t dead. I believe that doing something just to impress a girl is perfectly alright. In fact – I can’t think of a better reason to do something. I believe that before you try to understand someone else – you should try to understand yourself. I believe that everybody knows that the way a person looks is overrated – but you can only override DNA programming so much.

I believe that Extraordinary Desserts in San Diego has phenomenal chocolate cake.

I believe that a hangover is Gods way of telling you that you are roughly 60 percent water.

I believe that clichés are an excellent way of seeming knowledgeable and wise, without actually being knowledgeable or wise. I believe that if cell phones are found to cause cancer – that is a hell of price to pay for telling my mom that I’ll be late for dinner.

I believe that I am too young to possibly know what I am talking about. But so are you.