This I Believe

William - Livonia, Michigan
Entered on December 31, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65

Chucked into the ephemeral ether, the milky night,

with black choice with white. “NO PEPPER!”

Helix bound and memory gagged, “…to the greatest friend I ever had”.

Cyclohexaface in the drink, always on the verge, never there.

Information’s idiot, data’s dream…mothers scream.

Blinded by a color cataract of Fall’s forest wandering,

Deafened by the sound of silent timber’s thundering,

Burned by touches of vanished forever remembering,

Poisoned by a taste for ancient questions echoed answering,

Fouled by sense of timeless frittered feelings.I

The blue macaroon patiently waits, as do the silver slippers filled with moonlit ashes. And as the dancing tears skip out, the endless whispers kiss the wind goodbye.