This I Believe

Tiffany - Washington
Entered on December 30, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I am at a point of time in my life where I am unsure of what I believe in. All my views and beliefs of what I had believed in have now changed. I am very unsure what I believe. I have some morals such, as trying to follow God’s 10 commandments, thou shall not steal, lie, cheat, etc. But at my point in life I just want to be free. Make my own decisions, have the freedom to do or say what I want. Freedom of speech is an amendment but I feel as if it isn’t really followed through, just like most of our government’s laws. The U.S. government is a joke to me. But I am thankful that not all the law enforcement personnel are not crooked; even though I know some are. And this is all I have to say.