This I Believe

Dell - Charleston, South Carolina
Entered on December 28, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe in Greyhounds!!! I know everyone has a breed of dog or animal that works best for them. I love that, because everyone is different and all animals deserve the right to be happy. However, I believe in Greyhounds. The majority of Greyhounds in the world are born into the not so glamorous life of racing. They get tattooed at a very early age, they live 90 to 95% of the time in a cage and they crave love. Not much different than the child who is not wanted.

Greyhounds have a 50/50 chance of making it to old age. If they are lucky they will be good racers but if not, they are tossed aside and forgotten, usually euthanized. Lucky, did I say if they were lucky they will be good racers? Well, after time the lucky racers are also tossed aside however, much older, with the likelihood of having serious injuries and even more love starved. This is why I believe in Greyhounds.

My first Greyhound was Lady (Lady Luck) and her name fits her. She was the most wonderful, sweet girl and could have been the poster child for Greyhound Adoption. It is because of her that my wife and I have had 6 Greyhounds to date and have helped many people meet and get Greyhounds of their own.

I have never met a bad Greyhound, like all dogs no two are alike. I believe dogs find their owners. They know who is right for them and who doesn’t want them. Greyhounds are grateful for everyday you have them and they will tell you so; “Because of my people I will never have to live in a cage again, I will never have to work for my food, I will never have to compete for attention and I will never have to run around a track when I don’t want to.” Greyhounds rarely bark however, there are exceptions, Greyhounds never complain, Greyhounds are always there to be petted and if you ever need a friend to lean on a Greyhound is always ready.

So, look around next time at the dog park, the beach or your neighborhood and say hi to a Greyhound, they love their ears rubbed. Then, maybe some day you too will say, “I believe in Greyhounds!!!”