This I Believe

Robert - DURANGO, Colorado
Entered on December 24, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65

Three different concepts of our place in the universe may be summarized as: it is;it is’nt;and it’s the best.IT IS: What we see, hear and otherwise sense and our reaction to what our senses tell us,is all there is.That’s not so bad.The world is a wondrous place.What we know so far about the universe is amazing,and it’s exploration will keep us busy for as long as it lasts.While our own time in the universe is finite,it is enough to experience a sense of wonder and beauty,and to share that sense with others ,some of whom will pass on what we have learned. IT IS”NT:When Rene’ Descarte declared”I think therefore I am”,the emphasis was on the”I”.(I am ,but Idon’t know about you.)Maybe the whole universe does’nt exist but is a figment of my lonely mind.This the most depressing possiibility, but it is still interesting.What an imagination I have!Unlikely.But is it more likely that the world of the Harry Potter books really exists or that his world is the construct of a prolific imagination? My mind created the idea of the present universe, and perhaps over time others,to fend off the boredom of being alone.IT”S THE BEST:The world as we know it is not fair. The newborn in Darfur who dies of dehydration is not as blessed as Mother Theresa.We would have to live a multitude of lives for fortune to be equally distributed to all who have ever lived.Inthe best of all worlds we live an infinite number of lives, in infinite forms, in infinite locations.Then,all our experiences and thoughts about those experienceswould be collected in a universal mind, accessible to all.