This I Believe

David - Pembroke Pines, Florida
Entered on December 24, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65

It is important you understand my views on being young and growing up. It is critical you understand the key difference between the external messages and influences and that which you know is right and good.

In some countries a culture has developed which supports young people to disregard respect for others, to talk mean and unkind to adults and to friends, to disrespect teachers and others in our society who have devoted their lives and careers to helping. To believe that it is permissible to use drugs and alcohol, in some instances our culture creates an environment where young people are pressured into doing drugs and alcohol. Society implies it is acceptable for young folks to have sexual relationships outside of marriage.

Distructive behaviour is supported by some programs which appear on TV and in our movies. Watch these programs, and judge for yourself, they glorify actions which are harmful to the individual and to our society. Young people are shown on TV being mean, disrespectful, and exhibiting behavior which is destructful. Why culture has migrated in this direction is a major mystery to me. To support a belief within our youth that anti-social behavior is normal and acceptable is harmful to society and to the future of the planet. To create youth who believe it is acceptable to cultivate disconnected social behavior results in the destruction of the individual potential of each person who accepts this approach and substantially weakens the fiber and infrastructure of our country.

An alternative approach toward living and learning is possible and is critically important. A person does not need to accept the wrong approach to life. It is possible to reject negative programming and create beliefs which oppose the group standard thrust upon the individual. It is possible to cultivate behavior in opposition to that which is considered “normal”. It is possible to overcome the pressure from outside and look into your heart to see what is right and good. It is right to care about others, to help those who are in need, to respect others and responsible adults, to forgo using drugs, alcohol, and withhold your desire to have a sexual relationship until you are mature and stable in your life. All of this is possible; yet difficult to achieve, when each day you are told the opposite is OK – it is not OK, and you are the only one who can decide which direction your life shall move.

I try to balance the influence in your life; and therefore I try to eliminate forces which seek to overpower your sense of right. Each of us intuitively knows the correct way to live our lives, however the cacophony of external messages pushing in the wrong direction are very powerful; yet you will prevail. Listen to your heart for guidance, it always whispers the truth.

This I believe!