This I Believe

Thomas - Phoenix, Arizona
Entered on December 23, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65

To get my point across I would like to start with the story of David the young king of Israel. David took Bashsheba, had her husband killed, a child of those misdeeds is Solomon, the greatest and most wise King in the history of Israel. The last ancestor of David’s forced union (date rape and murder), with Bashsheba is Jesus, (the Christ).

This is not an argument for the acts of sex or rape or murder but it is an argument against the narrow view of what’s God’s rules and what are men’s.

Religion is not God’s plan for man’s salvation but man’s innate need to be ruled, instructed and guided. We have a very hard time being “true to ourselves’ without that outside/ independent observer. To further explain, Jesus said that when two or more are gathered in my name I will be their also. OK, but he did not say that he abandons the single soul, on the contrary he stated that he searches for the “lost sheep and finds great happiness when they are brought back to the flock.” So, If he partakes in the service of two and searches for one what does God want? God wants us to be in connection with him, period. PERIOD. Good or bad, praise him, talk to him, glorify him, be in union with him.

The difficulty with that is HOW? Humans devise their “stairways to heaven” and make sure each rung is held on to on the way to meet God. We devise all kinds of ladders. And in reality most ladders can led to that all important connection to God BUT if any of the ladders are too narrow or steep then the congregation falls off and becomes injured. In that case they then believe they can not climb that all important ladder and in some cases not worthy of, speaking with God. So they give up. Some will keep trying that same ladder, some will try a ladder from another church, or religion, some will give up, some will get mad and rebel. And sadly they did not need a ladder in the first place because you can not climb to God, God will come to met you. No matter who you are, what you have done or where you have been. God wants you.

Now some people like that ladder and they like climbing it with the group. They enjoy hanging on tight (by not braking any rules) and refuse to fall off and sometimes they even enjoy watching others fall off (secretly). Some people need to know what the rules are because they were not given any rules while they were growing up and are lost. Anyway you look at it they need to have the interaction within a structured environment and God is OK with that. Remember Jesus was not always friendly with the established religion or its leaders but he never turned down its people. So, religion is inherently a human device that has gone wrong many times in history BECAUSE it is a device of mans not Gods. God doesn’t live within anybody’s religion but he will live within any person within any belief system. It is the personal relationship God is desirous of with us. God made us, God love us, God is alive and functioning whether u believe or not. God is not affected by our beliefs, only we are affected by our beliefs.

In conclusion, our young lady will be “Turing her back” on the world a lot in the next three years if she doesn’t do some deeper work within her soul i feel. The world is full of nonbelievers of which half are already members of a church including hers. I am a believer. A full on believer. A falling down and getting back up believer. I am not Jewish, Catholic, Presbyterian, Lutheran believer. I am a God believer that has participated in those faith rules for a while. I like being in a church setting because it makes me think and ponder, not about God but man. I believe God is waiting for man as a race to figure out this dilemma. I believe that God does what God does and along with Job of the first testament we should not question but go alone with the ride. I believe that God is always willing to come to us if we ask. I believe that most of the time we are to busy covering up (like Adam and Eve) our short comings and are afraid to speak to God. I believe that most religions no matter how “cool” they seem are missing the connection. Even the ones that try have rules on how to make a connection. I believe that religion is good for the relationships we can have with others in the pursuit of “oneness” but if the religion itself gets in the way there is a problem. So, can the Lutheran girl from Minnesota survive her own religion and dependence on the rules of order? Yes, but somewhere along the way the boulder from the grave of Jesus may just bowl her over first. But God will be there to pick her up, dust her off and let her try again.