This I Believe

Jacob - Cheektowaga, New York
Entered on December 22, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: environment

I believe that Global Warming has the power to destroy humanity. For decades, countries all over the world have been carelessly putting pollution into the air. Already, the signs are showing- storms are stronger, the Earth is warmer. We face an inconvenient truth…

Emissions are defined as “substances discharged into the air”. This is what has caused and what is causing this global threat. Cars, factories, and airplanes are all creators of emissions. Each day, 75 tons of our pollution goes into our atmosphere….75 TONS! This has caused our greenhouse effect. Because we have so many emissions, some of the Sun’s rays become trapped in our atmosphere. This ultimately causes warmer temperature.

Many things result from the warmer temperatures. Droughts, heat-waves that kill thousands every year, the decaying of glorious sites such as glaciers or snow covered mountains, and stronger storms. The warmest year on record was indeed 2005. This has caused all the ocean temperature to rise dramatically. When Hurricane Katrina first emerged over Florida, it was a category one storm. Then, it crossed the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico and became the roaring rage that left New Orleans in ruins. The Earth betrayed us…but in truth, we are betraying the planet. This is why I believe that this global warming will destroy us. I think that a giant storm will just form and swipe everything away….if nothing is done about this anyway.

We as humans have the power to end this crisis. Carpool, ride a bike, walk, use a hybrid car….even watch or buy Al Gore’s documentary- An Inconvenient Truth. Each and every little contribution can and will help to cure our earth of this global warming. However, if little to none is done about this, the consequences will be catastrophic. If that happens many parts of Antarctica and Greenland will melt which will raise the ocean level at a point where you can say “Bye-Bye” to Florida and other parts of the world. If nothing is done, I have no doubt that life on Earth will end in 50-100 years…even a scientist has recently expressed that we should start to put colonies on the Moon and Mars because of this global threat at hand. This is why I believe that global warming has the power to destroy humanity.