This I Believe

joseph - byron, Georgia
Entered on December 21, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

This I believe!

Since the beginning of time, we have had rules and laws. Then there are the EXTRA RULES and LAWS. Why? Well…I realize that as we grow up, we need guidance. And we need to consider safety in using things like chainsaws, rock climbing and driving the roads and highways need laws, but that is not the kind of extra rules and laws I am talking about. Children need to learn the difference between good and evil, but as they grow and acquire experience with these ideals, we would hope they would choose good from now on. So much for our ideal world. Here is what I believe makes these extra rules and laws so bothersome. Once we learn the difference, why do that 20 % choose to cheat, steal, and hurt others? The 80 % of us that choose to help others and “do the right thing” are continuously suffering through the sea of rules that had to be established to keep in check and provide punishment for those other 20 %. Let’s look at some examples.

Insurance is supposed to cover one in case of an accident, yet you find a large portion of what you have to pay is for the cost of covering “bad people”. Folks that drive with out coverage, folks that wrongly sue the insurance companies, or individuals and that cost is passed on to the good 80 %. The same exist with medical insurance but their problems may be even worse. Ask a doctor how much extra we pay for any type of visit. Then, there are those few greedy doctors that make things worse (more bad people). Any body with power needs rules to keep them in check. (doctors, police, lawyers, judges etc.)

We have to have peep holes/windows and two deep rules when dealing with children, why (? more bad people). Kids that used to get spanked will never learn some the rules that we should follow because some (there are those 20% again) abused the authority once given to those entrusted with training our children right from wrong. Even those few “bad people” in our religious world ruin it for the 80 % of great people and keep parents on their guard with everyone.

Do we even consider picking up a highjacker? (Guess who keeps us from helping some one that might just be out of gas or have a flat down the road????… yep those few bad experiences caused by the 20% bad people) Used to be, credit in a store was good. Loan money to a friend, let someone borrow your car, only a very few allow this to just the very few we trust with our lives. How bout just a hand shake for a deal.

We need lemon laws to protect us from bad car dealers. We need prenuptial agreements to protect money hungry mongrels from marrying and abusing naive, rich folks. Why do we HAVE to have a warranty for items bought at stores. Why can’t we just bring back something that did not work? And what about the receipt thing, you have to have that little slip of paper to PROVE you bought it. (just because those blasted 20 % come into stores and act like they bought something that was stole or broke when misused) Shop lifters – big part of the 20 %.

I am sure you get the idea now. So much of what we wade through in what I consider bureaucracy of the “20 % “ like checks and balances that makes everything so inefficient that we almost give up on doing anything. Even our government has 3 branches to protect us from ourselves (the 20 % selves that is) How many things can you think of that you do extra because someone is protecting their interest (CYA).

Imagine what a world, where the 20 % acted like the 80 %, would be like!