This I Believe

Maurice - Framingham, Massachusetts
Entered on December 21, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: work

I believe in hard work, because if you work hard you can get what you like to get accomplished. I came to realize this from friends and family; watching and learning from them.

Hard work is a big deal in my family. My aunt is a big go-getter of hard work and of anything she does. Knowing how she grew up with having nothing, she always wanted better for her children then what she had. She would do all that she could to make her children’s lives better than hers. At an early age in life, she started out working two jobs and went to highschool. Her main job was at a restaurant, which she worked during the week, and the other was helping an elderly couple on the weekends. The restaurant was a normal job for a high-school girl that she thought she would like. Once she got more into the job she realize how much she hated it; smelling like food everyday, getting rude customers and having to deal with them in a calm manner. She wasn’t one to let people push her around and take advantage of her for nothing at all. On the weekends she worked with elderly couples; taking care of them. At the beginning she thought it was a good job until she started having to give them baths and do personal stuff that she wasn’t really comfortable doing but she stuck with it because of goals she had for herself and for her family.

Part of hard work is also learning how to save money. Having to sacrifice not going out and that was a big thing for me and sometimes it still is. By watching my family and remembering a lot of the stuff my family went through with the bills, food, clothing, and anything else brothers, my sisters, and me needed. I knew when I was old enough that was something I did not want to go through and when I had kids someday. I wouldn’t want them to go through what my family and I went through.

Everything that I seen and went through when I was younger helped me want to better myself so I wouldn’t have to go through the same struggle as my family went through. Yet I still need a lot of work. I got side tracked on hard work and was taking the easy way out, which wasn’t working. Honestly, I earned money the wrong way. I took it for granted because it came so easy. Now that I have to work for my money, I cherish it a lot more then I use to. I went through a rough spot in life and I feel its never to late to start doing the right thing as long as you can recognize it early enough to make a change. I work hard as I can now, I also went back to school, which I know I need to make a little more effort in. I’m taking one step at a time, there are goals I want to accomplish and if I remember the past that my family and I went through to get where they are right now I will be fine and they will be proud.

Hard work is something new to me; I never really started to believe

In hard work till 2006, when I started a college, to be honest I never really had to. It was a big change in my life, something new. I’ve been around many people that have achieved many years of hard work and accomplished many good things. I never thought that I would be one to work hard because how was in the past, things came easy to me. I always thought life would be easy for me until now, now I see it in a whole different light. Having to get up early, be somewhere at a certain time, (which I still have problems wit from time to time), study, plan my time accordingly, and have homework and papers done on time is a small but new change. I haven’t been in school for years and now that I have some responsibility that involves hard work, it actually feels good. Even though at times I might not show it, its there. I may not be able to do a three sixty spin on hard work but at least one eighty is a start.

Knowing that all your hard work will pay of in the end is very rewarding. I may have started late, but after many years of hard work I know I will get a good job and greater responsibilities. From having a good job and working hard at my job. It can open positive doors and lighten a better future for myself. I will be able to afford a house and a good life for my family. I will always look back on life to reflect on my past to remind myself how nicer and rewarding working hard can be. Its funny how things can be more congratulating when earned, and to think the easy work can be so much faster, its like making macaroni and cheese for your girlfriend, which is real quick and easy or you can make Chicken Alfrado with Shrimp and Brocolli which is will take time, but it will feel nicer and taste better at the when its done.

It’s crazy how the beginning will feel bumpy and feels like your not achieving anything, but in the end it will pay off because all hard work is good for something. What I noticed from this knew found belief. Is that easy work is good for the time being but can bring u down at times, hard work is also good for the time being but it can make you stronger and brings you up. No matter what you’re working hard towards whether it’s a fortune five hundred company, a parent, school or whatever you are working hard for. Don’t stop because the fruit of your work will ripen fresh and sweater at the end.