This I Believe

Ikeyla - West Sacramento, California
Entered on December 21, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Second Chances

Have your ever had a feeling that something was off, like you know when you wake up that day that your whole life would change? On February 4, 2002, I awoke to an ordinary day, except that something felt off. I just shook it off and continued with my usual routine. I can still picture me getting dressed and running down the street to the bus stop in fear of being late.

School was ok, it was not the greatest day but it was like any other, except for the feeling. That day went by so fast. When I got home as I walked through the door, I realized that the usual “Hey Ki-ki” from my sister was not there. She had been home on maternity leave because she was due for a baby girl. I went into her room, I remember feeling a little upset because her new room was supposed to me mine. She got it because of the baby.

When I realized she was not anywhere in the house I did not freak out. Until I realized what day it was. February 4, 2002, her due date. I rushed to the phone to call her cell phone, no answer. So I called my mom, she answered and told me that my sister went into labor at about 8 am that morning and that because it was her first baby it would probably take a while. I was so excited, I could not wait to be an aunt. When I got to the hospital at about 7 pm she still had not delivered. I went into her room and saw her crying out in pain as they stuck a long needle into her back. I remember praying to God and asking him to make her pain go away.

The next day at about 4 am my sister delivered a healthy baby girl named Ashante Izia Lacy. She was perfect. Months went by and she began to smile, crawl, and finally walk. I found myself wanting to come home to play with her. You could say that I believe in new life but that would not be the full truth.

Years later, 4 years to be exact, my niece had a seizure. That by far was the scariest thing that had ever happened to me. I remember when my mom told me what happened the first thing I thought about was how I was so mean to her the night before, she wanted to play but I was too busy so I said another time. Even though the accident was not my fault I felt so guilty, because I had always taken advantage of her, I thought that because she was so much younger then me, that nothing could ever happen to her. From that day forward I vowed to myself that I would give her more attention.

This I believe. I believe in second chances. My niece had a second chance. She does not realize it now it, but she helped me. She made me realize how short life can be and how much I love her. No longer will I take things for granted.