This I Believe

Sam - Woodland, California
Entered on December 20, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

A Heart Attack with Fries

It is 9am and a 300 pound woman is attempting to squeeze into her seat as her two obese children are drinking their extra large Pepsis. When the woman finally manages to squeeze herself into her seat, she distributes two greasy hamburgers to each child along with a biggie sized fries to satisfy their hunger. They add a few packets of salt to their fries to get the full flavor out of them. This is a common scene at every fast food restraint across America. I hate to see people putting so much junk into their bodies, and I believe the fast food industry is destroying the health of many people around the world.

It is very easy to see why so many people choose to eat fast food. It is a very convenient way to satisfy your hunger. Fast food restaurants can be found on practically every street corner. It is also a lot less expensive compared to dining at a restaurant such as The Outback Steakhouse. People who complain about the price of eating healthier need to look at how they are spending their money. If they roll into their local Taco Bell in a 2007 Cadillac with their three kids who all have a $300 PSP, then they should really think of changing the way they spend their money. Having a television in every head rest of your car is not going to do a person any good when they are having open heart surgery due to downing to many whoppers. I hate to see people do this to their bodies, and I especially hate when they have their children eating the same junk since the children are oblivious to the health hazards.

Fast food is called fast food for a reason, it is all made under two minutes which is very convenient, but it lacks the nutrients you receive from a home cooked meal. The essential nutrients you would get from a home cooked meal are instead replaced with fats and grease when you eat fast food. Some meals and the fast food menus equal over half the calories you are suppose to consume in the entire day. I believe Americans value luxury goods over their own health, and I cannot stand to see them make such bad decisions.

Some other health concerns have recently come out of the fast food industry. Many Taco Bell eaters across the United States have tested positive for ecoli found in the onions used by Taco Bell. Now not only is fast food loading us up with fat, but now they are throwing ecoli on as a bonus feature. People everywhere need to take a step back and look at their diet. I believe people need to put their health ahead of everything, because when it comes down to it, you are nothing unless you are healthy.