This I Believe

Norma - Madison, California
Entered on December 20, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

The Importance of Education

In many places education is often taken for granted. I feel that here in the US, people are offered a lot of opportunities to expand their education, but sometimes they are not taken advantage of. Many of us take our education for granted and we let it go to waste. I believe in the importance of education and that with it we can change our lives and the world we live in.

I feel that people should stop throwing way all the educational opportunities they have because many people in other parts of the world would do anything to have at least half of the opportunities that people here in the US have. I have many cousins in Mexico that for various reasons couldn’t get a proper education. Some of them couldn’t get a proper education because there was no school nearby. Others just didn’t have the resources (money) to go to school so they had put of their education and work.

Not only my cousins, but my aunts, uncles and even both of my parents didn’t get a proper education. My parents often tell me that I should take advantage of the educational opportunities that I have because with those opportunities I could do something different with my life and I could be anything that I want. They also tell me that if they had the opportunities that I have today, they would have wanted to do something with their lives and they feel sorry that some of my cousins nor they had the opportunities that I have.

The experiences of my parents, cousins, aunts and uncles have led me to value my education and to believe that education is very important. I believe that with an education and through hard work, we can make all of our dreams come true and be anything we want. We could become better people and with our knowledge we could help others and maybe even change the world we know live. I believe in the importance of education and I think we should stop throwing away all the opportunities we have and start taking advantage of out education.