This I Believe

mazarati - esparto, California
Entered on December 20, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Because most of my family members who died were murdered, I believe that no day should be taken for granted, because you don’t know when life will be ending. I started believing this after finding out that one of my family members who was suppose to die, didn’t. No one knows when life will be ending so you have to cherish every moment of it. I appreciate living even more after a day I would never forget.

My brothers football game had ended and we were heading home. It was quiet for 5 minutes then my mama spoke words I would never forget. She said, “Somebody close to you is not suppose to be living right now.” Different people who I thought it was ran through my mine. Then she told me the story. “He was at a gas station and some boys came to his car and shot. The bullet hit him in the face and the boys ran.” Tears rolled down my eyes as she spoke. Then she continued, “He layed there until he thought it was okay to get up, then he drove himself to the hospital. When he checked in, the doctor told him he was lucky to even be alive because the bullet was 2 inches from his spine. She said he was suppose to die are even be paralyzed.

When I got home he was sitting on the couch. I looked at him and I saw where the bullet had went through his face. It was below his lip, and I thanked god he was alive. I layed in my bed that night and thought about one of my cousins who was murdered. I thought about her funeral I had attended years back after she was stabbed 16 times by her boyfriend. I remember her lying in that casket so helpless. It was even sadder because her oldest daughter was killed years before she was and now her youngest daughter was left to grieve over her sister and her mama. I was to young then to think about if I would live another day are even appreciate life, but hearing about my family member who was suppose to die made me come to this belief. I thought about if he would have died and I pictured myself sitting in a church grieving over another family member whose life was taken away. I was tired of loosing people I loved, and I asked god why was this happening to my loved ones. I cried that night and I thought about if I would have lost him, and if I had, I would have never been able to get over it.

I just think that you should live for today and not tomorrow, and don’t take any day for granted. Appreciate the things that you have because you don’t know if you will have those things tomorrow. Live life to the fullest because even if you think your life isn’t worth living, it really is.