This I Believe

Raquel - 80027, Colorado
Entered on December 20, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

When people make the wrong assumption

When I began thinking about what I would like to write about for this essay, I thought about the things others wrote about. Some people wrote about helping others, doing community service or being nice to everyone. Those didn’t sound like something I would write a whole paper about. What I believe I think, might be different to other people’s thoughts because of my experiences. When I came to this country, I was not use to being a minority because in my home country most people are like me. Now that I have lived here for a long time I’m used to it. Most people, when they see me think that I’m an illegal Mexican. First of all, I’m not illegal and second, not even Mexican. Their judgments affect me because it is harder to find jobs or rent out a place. I know that Americans are use to illegal immigration and expect it from all Hispanics. Some Americans are so against illegal immigration that they want to close the borders. I always ask people who think this, if they are part German or Irish or if they have other heritage. If they say yes I always tell them that their ancestors were immigrants too and if they hadn’t come here in the first place you wouldn’t be here today. I also think about the Native Americans. Since they were the first people to come and live here, shouldn’t they be the only ones to decide who lives here or not? They happen to be the ones with the least say in it. Overall, I believe that people shouldn’t jump to conclusions and they should think things thoroughly before they judge.