This I Believe

Ryan - Marion, Montana
Entered on December 20, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

I believe that life should be hard. Even though there is nothing I want more than for life to be easy, this is what I believe. If life were to be easy, than people would not have problems. There would be no arguments; there would be no fighting, all because people would be so happy. This is an ideal world. Yet, this is not the case in our lives.

In order for life to continue, there needs to be struggles, there needs to be difficulties that we can improve and learn from, other wise we wouldn’t advance as a species. Athletes get better at sports by practicing, difficult, challenging, days before they get good at the sport. Rocket scientists need to attend many hard long years of school before becoming a professional in their field. As for me, I am undergoing difficulties every day. I live away from home and work on self exploration every day. After many months of painful, therapeutic experiences, I understand my self better than ever before. If this experience was a stroll in the park, I might not have come to the realizations I have.

I have learned so much from going through rough times in my life. Life should be hard in order for people to live up to their full expectations. This I believe to be true.