This I Believe

Chelsey - Logan, Ohio
Entered on December 20, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

To be honest, I believe in leaving something to the imagination. This is an old, and even possibly played out idea among past generations. The last thing that I want to see while sitting in a classroom, or in McDonalds, or glance at while shopping, is someone’s underwear. Male, or female, either way, it’s completely and totally uncalled for. As far as I’m concerned, Victoria’s Secret made that V-String for you to wear. I’m sure that at one point or another, everyone has had this experience. I just find myself to be incredibly bothered by the idea of underwear becoming formal wear. If anyone were willing to be an advocate for self expression, it would be me. However, the line has to be drawn somewhere. Normally, I like to draw that line about half way down the back. After that, I just don’t care to see anymore

Worse than girls exposing their delicates, are boys who lack the judgment to purchase pants that will fit in a decent manner. I’m still uncertain as to what the trend is that involves letting one’s pants literally fall off. Belts are no more expensive than a Big Mac, but if your pants are really sagging that much, either would probably help you out. According to VH1, Mark Wahlberg is to blame for the idea of exposing one’s boxers, which I’m guessing made millions for Calvin Klein.

Perhaps my ideas seem strange, but if everyone thought the same way, then I wouldn’t have this to believe in, or complain about. I don’t think that because I wear complete outfits, I’ll be more successful in my life, or happier, but I’m sure that it will leave any questions unanswered, as to what I’m wearing, or not wearing. I believe that clothes should fit, and not reveal anything that can be covered by a bathing suit. After I’ve finally (almost) survived my teenager years, I now realize that my mother was right. All of the times she ran after me, puling my shirt up, and pulling my shirt down, and warning me via telephone that no part of my upper, or lower body should be exposed, she was right. In many ways, I’m happy that she spent time trying to keep me dressed. I’ve been spared of the infamous dress code violation T-shirts, and other methods of correcting outerwear. (or should I say inner wear?) With that said, there are some things that other people NEVER need to see, and your underwear is something that should be securely in your pants, at all times.