This I Believe

Scott - Catawissa, Pennsylvania
Entered on December 19, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

For This I Believe: The Path of Spiritual Scientific Research

The most profound moment in life is the direct experience of one’s own essential nature, which means to penetrate into the deepest Spiritual and Archetypal foundations of the world as a whole with crystal clear consciousness. When one participates in this event, the basic presuppositions regarding the nature of the Universe and the Self are dramatically altered, very much like the philosopher in Plato’s allegory of the cave, stepping into the light for the first time. In this moment one comes to know beyond all doubt that the human being is able to dwell outside of time and space, that he is unified in Soul and Spirit with the objects and people that surround him, and that Spiritual Beings are woven inextricably with his own Being.

How is this possible?

In addition to his ability to perceive the external phenomena with the organs of sense, mankind possesses a wide range of Spiritual faculties that may grasp the essences of mathematical, psychological, and Spiritual Objectivities with intentional ‘rays’ that the Ego directs with the force of will. Knowledge gained through Spiritual or eidetic insight is in no way illusory; in fact, perceiving with these senses demonstrates that the external appearances of the world are in fact mere transitory manifestations of the underlying Spiritual Reality.

One also learns that the human is actually a fourfold being, made up of 1) a physical body, 2) a nexus of formative forces, 3) a Soul organism, and 4) a Spiritual Personality. Sleep is a temporary separation of 3 and 4 from 1 and 2, whereas death is a complete separation of 2, 3, and 4 from 1. Along with the nine upright Angelic Hierarchies which work for the forward progress of mankind, there are also two branches of beings who work against this evolution.

One group attempts to draw humans too quickly away from earthly evolution, by tempting humans toward abstract generalities of thought, pure fantasy, and pleasurable dissolution. The other group attempts to pull mankind into a sub earthly sphere through influencing a one-sided materialistic world view, and promoting vanity, thoughtless action, and slavery to technology. The current state of world chaos and mass neurosis is a direct outcome of their unconscious influence. Truly free deeds are only possible through Spiritual Insight, wherein one may consciously recognize the various instincts, self-deceptions, and negative forces which influence one’s own being and can choose a course of action in accordance with one’s highest ideals. The retrogressive forces can be mediated and overcome by freely accepting the liberating Spiritual impulses of the Risen Christ.

This Spiritual-Scientific or Anthroposophical path can be attained by anyone who is willing to work on their own soul development through the techniques outlined by Rudolf Steiner. The result of such insight is independently verifiable and opposed to all vague mysticism or eastern techniques. Our very future depends on a growing number of people who will take the living essence of Anthroposophy into their thinking, feeling, and willing. Otherwise, the entire meaning of earth evolution will have not fulfilled its highest purpose: to develop a species capable of free choice in accordance with the deepest source of Spiritual morality.